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Purebred Sport horse mare.

2013 Top ten x4 SHIH

Top ten sport horse show hack



Arabian Sport Horse Under Saddle AOTR Champ TOP 10/55

Arabian Sport Horse Under Saddle ATR Champ TOP 10/53 Arabian Sport Horse Show Hack ATR Champ TOP 10/20

Arabian Sport Horse Mares In-Hand Champ TOP 10/37

Arabian Sport Horse Mares In-Hand ATH Champ TOP 10/39

Available for Breeding Lease

Irish Misst

(Ahtractiv x Suzy Kou) 3/17/10

Beautiful 10 year old mare who has been shown lightly. Hunter or western. Also available for an on the farm lease, but requires a sensitive rider. $1,500


Shaddofaxxion (Shaddofax x Mamies Night Out) HA Mare. 6/9/10

Sister of Scottsdale and US Nat Champion "Ebony By Valentino," mulit-National Champion "DRA Equyty," Multi-National champion halter gelding "Remember the Night". Currently being trained hunter. Priced at $15,000


(Abba Pride x Hollywood Atemptation)

*SOLD* Congratulations Kaitlyn Nickerson of Forestville, NY!!!

G-Halle Berri

G-Hallie Berri (The Agitator x G-Hal Mariah) PB mare, western.


Congrats to her new owner Carol Boismenu of Clarence, NY!



*SOLD* Conratulations to new owner Amy DiVita of Oswego, NY!

Montana Athena

Montana Athena (Eden C xA Snowfire H ) 4/2/12


MA Razcals Glori+++//

MA Razcals Glori+++// (Razcal Bey x AWA Glorious+/)


Congrats to new owners Daniel and Denise Fuller of Florida!

Fames Promise

Fames Promise


Congratulations to new owner Mallory Griffin of Georgia!

Ebony By Valentino

Ebony By Valentino (DA Valentino x CF Mamies Night Out)


2010 Supreme Champion HA filly, Iowa Goldstar Champion, NSH National champion, 2011 Scottsdale Junior Champion Filly. US National Champion 2 yr old filly,

Dreamkeeper DHA

Dreamkeeper DHA (Falcon BHF)


Congrats to his new owner Anne Hertel!

Atlanta Bey

Atlanta Bey (Atlantis Bey V x Jamaica Bey +++)


Suzy Kou

Suzy Kou (Kouvey Bey x Spyrys)


Congrats to new owners Tiffany Chiarilli, of Machias, New York.




Congrats to new owner Ashley Vogt, CT!

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